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West Regina Bypass Functional Design

Project Description:

The Global Transportation Hub (GTH), a 2,000 acre centre for transportation and logistics developments in Regina, Saskatchewan and future developments required a high speed, high capacity connection to the National Highway System. In 2008, the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (MHI), initiated a plan to design and build a new roadway connection between Highway No. 1 and Highway No. 11 on the west side of Regina, informally known as the West Regina Bypass (WRB). The new roadway was to form a portion of the long term bypass around the City.

MHI engaged AECOM to provide design services by first providing a functional planning study to determine the best route for the new road and secondly by providing detailed design services. The most important aspect of the project was the need to quickly establish a high quality connection to the National Highway System from the GTH area so staging of the work, both from a design and construction perspective was a key component of the work.

The GTH was never envisioned prior to 2007, so there was limited previous planning for the project, nor information available on the expected speed of development. Designs had to be flexible to allow future upgrading.

AECOM managed the project from inception.  This required the coordination of AECOM staff from offices in western Canada.  AECOM was assisted by sub consultants for geotechnical services and the environmental review. Utility relocations were significant and involved private and public corporations. Utility companies provided their own detailed designs based on AECOM’s roadway plans.

Award of Excellence - Transportation Category

Client/Owner:  Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

Category: Transportation


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