Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan

WaterMark Consulting Ltd.

WaterMark Consulting Ltd.
1601B McAra Street
Postal Code:
S4N 6H4
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Fields of Specialization:

Agriculture - Agricultural Environment Organic Waste disposal in Rural Areas
Agriculture - Drainage Studies / Surveys
Agriculture - Draining and Irrigation Systems / Networks
Agriculture - Irrigation
Agriculture - Land Drainage
Agriculture - Rural Planning and Development
Energy Geoscience - Petroleum Development
Environmental - Environmental Assessments
Environmental - Environmental Litigation Support
Environmental - Environmental Site Assessments and Audits
Environmental - Groundwater Resources / Hydrogeology
Environmental - Physical Environmental Mapping and Analysis
Environmental - Record of Site Condition
Environmental - Risk Assessment
Environmental - Solid / Hazardous Waste Management
Environmental - Surface Water Resources
Environmental - Underground Storage Tank Management
Environmental Geoscience - Hydrolgeology and Groundwater
Environmental Geoscience - Terrain Analysis / Remote Sensing
Environmental Geoscience - Waste Management / Mitigation / Disposal
Geotechnical - Aggregate Exploration and Evaluation
Geotechnical - Earth Structures
Geotechnical - Geohazard Mapping
Geotechnical - Site Investigations
Geotechnical - Soil and Rock Mechanics
Mineral Geoscience - Mining Geology
Mineral Geoscience - Rock Mechanics
Mining Engineering - Blasting Control
Mining Engineering - Open Pit / Underground Mining
Municipal - Residuals Management
Municipal - Wastewater Management
Municipal - Water Supply and Treatment
Planning - Drainage Studies
Planning - Land Use
Planning - Site Plans
Project Management - Construction Management
Project Management - Contract Administration
Project Management - Management of Design
Project Management - Procurement Management
Project Management - Project Control and Risk Management
Project Management - Related Management Services
Project Management - Value Engineering
Research - Feasibiity Studies
Research - Technology Assessment
Surveying and Mapping - Aerial Photography: Photogrammetry / Photo Interpretation / Cartography
Surveying and Mapping - Construction Layout Surveys
Surveying and Mapping - Geographic Information Systems
Surveying and Mapping - Remote Sensing / Satellite Data Interpretation / Imagery
Surveying and Mapping - Resource Surveys, Exploration and Planning
Surveying and Mapping - Topographic Surveys
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